At Stadtgalerie Bern 2013

A Piece of the Pie Chart at Stadtgalerie Bern in Bern, Switzerland (October 24 to November 29 2013)

A Piece of the Pie Chart premiered in the Flashbacks exhibition curated by Damian Jurt at Stadtgalerie Bern in Bern, Switzerland  from October 24 to November 2013. Visitors could use the machine to make pies that protest the lack of women in different areas of technology production in Switzerland. I collected gender statistics from technology-focused academia (as typified by Computer Science), large public tech companies, and IT groups within public administration of many large Cantons (states within the Swiss Confederation).

This version of the project was partially funded by Migros Kulturprozent and a 2013 New York State Grant for Electronic Media and Film and the Five Colleges Women’s Studies Research Center.


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